“The only things left are the images”


To be honest I never saw myself here.
I graduated from photojournalism school over 15 years ago typically idealistic, ready to take on the world, scared witless.
Photographing weddings wasn’t even a consideration.
My first one was for a friend.
I turned it down at first. But relented after a while and not knowing anything about weddings decided to photograph it like I would a news photo essay.
It was a great day. Not just the pictures that we made but The Day.
Happy People. Happy Family. Happy Couple. Love was in air.
The more weddings I do the more I feel like I’m making a difference in the live’s of each couple.
I imagine every couple I photograph looking back on their wedding or engagement images years later and reliving the day and all it’s emotions all over again.
So the responsibility of documenting one of the most important days in the life of new couple is not one I take lightly.
That is why I put so much of myself into each wedding I do. Because I know it’s going to last.
Long after the cake is gone, the decorations are pulled down, the floor is swept and the lights are turned off, the only things left are the images.