Jon & Nicole – LAGO Wedding Photography

New Year’s Eve Ottawa Wedding Photography

It’s always nice when your year of awesome Ottawa Wedding Photography ends in a bang!

That was the case with Jon and Nicole’s New Year’s Eve wedding at Lago Bar and Grill Ottawa in Ottawa, December 31, 2012. I had a great year photographing many weddings and this was an excellent way to say goodbye to one wedding year and hello to another.

After spending some time with Nicole as she got ready in their Hintonburg home, I hustled over to meet Jon and the boys at a very, very nice suite at The Westin Hotel Ottawa. That was where I first met the legendary Jaime D, the best man.

It’s not every wedding that you have a Jaime, but you wish you did. He’s the guy that keeps the groom laughing (not that Jon needed it) or attacking him with a clothes iron (albeit off) and finally ripping up the dance floor. Despite needing “inspiration” for the portraits he appeared in, Jaime kept me on my toes the whole day.

Jon and Nicole shared a romantic first look under the chandeliers of the Westin’s front lobby before taking care of some portraits. Having all the portraits out of the way let them relax for the ceremony, so much so that they almost did the “first kiss” before things even got rolling.

In the end, it all came down to a damn-near epic NYE party. I don’t think I have every shot so many party/dance photos, even more than Justin and Danielle’s Ompah Barn Burner.

All the best to Jon and Nicole and enjoy some of my favourites from the day below.


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