Westport Wedding on the Big Rideau : Kendell & Chris

bride and groom walk on dock during cottage wedding

Red sky at night, wedding delight on the Big Rideau for Kendell & Chris’ Westport wedding

When I look back at this wedding and think how close I came to not photographing this Westport (Ottawa) wedding I shudder.

Kendell contacted me a few months prior to their wedding from Berkley, California to inquire about hiring me to photographer her wedding on the family cottage in Westport, about an hour and half outside Ottawa. At the time I had just accepted a new and demanding position at the Ottawa Citizen and, having an already fairly booked season, I was unsure I could deliver up to my standards so I politely declined to photographed the wedding.

A couple months pass and around 6 weeks from their wedding, Kendell reaches out to me again saying they weren’t able to find a photographer with whose style they connected.

As I felt better having had some time to settle into my position at the Ottawa Citizen, we set everything up.

If every wedding I shoot could be like this one, life would be beautiful.

Radiant bride with an infectious smile, check.

Good-looking and generous groom, check.

Great family whom I had the opportunity to get close to during a pre-wedding BBQ photoshoot, check!

Great weather and a stunning sunset, double check.

Here are the images from the Ottawa cottage wedding on the Big Rideau near Westport, Ont.

Guys getting ready wedding photography


Westport Wedding Photography - Guys having a drink

Westport Wedding Photography - Guys having drinks

Westport Wedding Photography Details

bride getting ready makeup wedding photography

bride getting ready wedding photography ottawa

Photo by Cole Burston – Weddings by Brown

bride puts on dress for first time ottawa wedding photography

Brooklyn wedding band

Ottawa wedding photography kiss photo

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cottage wedding photography dock sunset

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