Ottawa Family Photography : Charbonneau Family

Ottawa Family Photography at the Arboretum One of the great privileges in this field is getting to follow families as they evolve. I photographed Dominique's brother's wedding a few years back. Recently, I caught up with her family, now with one more blue-eyed boy, for a family s [...]
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Ottawa Family Photography : Wagg Family

Energetic Mother-Daughter family photography session in Ottawa's Arboretum I shot Holly's Ottawa family photography session at the Arboretum in Ottawa during the last weeks of amazing fall colours. I was first involved in Holly's life during a very difficult time in her wife, Julia, passed a [...]
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Ottawa Family Photography : Jasmine & Mehdi

Intimate indoor family photography session First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. It's been quite some time since I photographed Jasmine and Mehdi's Ottawa wedding reception at Britannia Beach a few years back. Now with a very tall 2 a [...]