Le Belvedere Wedding : Shirlee & Jordan

bride and groom kiss during jewish wedding ceremony

An Ottawa wedding with a view

The Ottawa wedding of Shirlee and Jordan at Le Belvedere reception venue in Wakefield, QC – just outside Ottawa – was pretty rad!

I hit it off with Shirlee and Jordan, two Ottawa journalists, right away during our initial meeting. With similar professional backgrounds, I knew they understood how I worked and what type of images I was after. They weren’t after photojournalistic-style, they were after the real thing.

In addition to photographing a truly amazing couple, I was back at LeBelvedere for the first time as an Ottawa wedding photographer just six week after getting married there in July. It was great to see venue co-ordinator Jessica Davey again and to be in that really magical location. As a male, the word “magical” isn’t often pulled out of my vocabulary but I really can’t think of a better word. There’s no doubt that I have an emotional attachment to that location as it’s breathtaking views stretch far over the Wakefield hills. Just like in our own wedding, the guests on hand to see Shirlee and Jordan wed were in awe as the sun set on that “picturesque” setting. I was as sad leaving after S&J’s wedding as I was the night I left from my own wedding.

So there I was with the perfect client couple and, hands down, the best venue in the entire region – I had to kill this wedding…in a good way.

David Kawai was gracious enough to come and lend his vision to documenting the ceremony and part of the reception. The outdoor reception space at Le Belvedere is EPIC and I’m glad I had the additional vantage point – it saved me a lot of running – and we managed to get some amazing images.

Shirlee and Jordan’s was my first Jewish wedding and if I only photographed jewish weddings for the rest of my life I think I would be very happy. Maybe it’s the culture, or maybe it was the power and energy of that family, or maybe both, but there is so much life in these images. The guys were great with each other with lots of contact like when Jordan helped one of his guys put on his tie – always a challenge and photo op!

And Shirlee has a classic movie-star beauty so photographing her makeup process created some timeless images and her zest for life is magnetic.

Together these guys are even better like when Shirlee and Jordan shared a first look on the iconic covered bridge in Wakefield that stretches over the Gatineau River.

Congrats to Shirlee and Jordan!