Jared & Janelle – Billings Bridge Museum Wedding, Ottawa

bride and groom kiss under a vintage umbrella during an Ottawa wedding

Our biggest fear as we started looking for a wedding photographer was that we’d get stuck with someone who was tense, imposing, and scattered throughout the day. Simply put, we wanted someone who could work with us to set a broad plan for the day, and just “do their thing” without us worrying about it.
Darren was excellent from day one. He is incredibly approachable and quickly understood what we were hoping for.
My favorite part about the wedding photography experience was Darren’s ability to find balance. Darren was able to make sure we got the “must-have” shots we agreed on, while not imposing on the natural flow of the day and time with family. We never felt pulled away from meaningful time with our guests, and Darren was comfortable to provide the right amount of direction to create some incredible shots to capture the day.
I would recommend Darren without hesitation. His solid portfolio encouraged us to reach out, but after meeting him for a drink we were excited for Darren not only to take some pictures, but to share this day with our close friends and family.
We were 100% pleased with Darren’s work!   He was fun to work with, easy-going, and produces gorgeous photos.
Despite the rain the morning of our wedding, he kept his cool and picked beautiful rain spots for group photos to take place on short notice.
We heard from multiple friends and family that they really appreciated how he was subtle and not in the way, but obviously taking his job seriously.

Justin and Danielle – Silent Valley Alpaca Ranch Wedding & Reception, Ompah (Perth)

bride and groom smiling after kissing during wedding ceremony

Our biggest concern when hiring a photographer was finding that person who would capture the spirit of our wedding and our eclectic group of guests in an authentic and creative way. When we saw Darren’s work, however, we knew he was the right photographer to capture our special day. And he came through in such a huge way.
 Our favourite part of the photography experience was that we were able to just be ourselves and enjoy the day without having to put on a show. Darren, both warm and considerate throughout the day, really fit in just like the rest of our guests and captured the events in a very journalistic manner.
Many of our friends were so impressed with both Darren’s work and his outgoing personality that they hired him to shoot their weddings as well. And they’ve all been thrilled with the resulting photography.
I’ve had the pleasure of recommending Darren to many friends. At the end of the day, after everyone’s gone home, Darren’s work speaks for itself. He’s brilliant at capturing the lasting moments and memories that you’ll forever cherish.

Shirley & Jordan – Le Belvedere Wedding Ceremony & Reception, Wakefield, QC

“From the first time we met, Darren made us feel like our wedding was his most important event of the year. He was always organized, and full of enthusiasm and excitement for our big day. From the outset, we liked his vision of documenting memories that will last a lifetime, rather than just staging shots that you see in every wedding album.
He was full of ideas about how to make the most of each part of our wedding day – from the first glance to the first dance.
Darren is everything you would want in a wedding photographer – right in there for all the key moments but invisible at the same time. You don’t even notice he’s there, but when you see the images you can’t believe you didn’t see him there. Throughout our wedding day, he was the ultimate professional – moving seamlessly through our surroundings and incorporating the beauty of our venue.
He has a keen eye for detail and treated our wedding day as if it was his own.
If you’re looking for a fresh take on traditional wedding photography, not afraid to take some risks, and appreciate the input of a photojournalist, you couldn’t book a better photographer than Darren Brown..”

Caroline & Ben, National Arts Centre, Ottawa

bride and groom run through a marathon

Photography was one of the areas of my wedding that was really important to 
me, and I let my husband know it from the very beginning!  I researched many
 styles of wedding photography and spent hours and hours looking at 
portfolios of many photographers across the country to get a sense of what I
wanted.  I contacted Darren because he came highly recommended by another
 photographer whose journalistic style of wedding photography appealed to me.
After meeting five photographers in total, I had a very strong sense that I 
could trust Darren’s artistic judgment, fast journalistic eye, and work 
ethic with our special day.  I knew that I absolutely did not want to have
 to worry about any details or whether the photographers had this or that
shot. I also didn’t want to handcuff our photographer with a grocery list of 
requests, lest he miss those impromptu magic moments while trying to get
 through a frustratingly nit-picky checklist.  I was looking to hire a 
photographic “eye” who was a professional who understands a bride’s heart
 for her day.  After meeting Darren a second time, I felt very good about my 
decision to hire him and rested easy from deposit through to the delivery of
Once I gave him our timeline and details (including a date and venue right
in the middle of Ottawa Race Weekend), Darren provided advice and
suggestions both logistically and creatively that I would be thankful for
later.  The few specific requests that I made were carried out, with a total
 of five venues and a walk down Elgin Street! I have never seen a 
photographer work so incredibly hard to get to the right place and angle for 
a shot.
On the day of the wedding, he and his assistant were punctual, and worked
 efficiently and really hustled!  He was constantly moving and yet
unobtrusive; he struck the delicate balance of being completely 
unnoticeable, and being authoritative enough to direct and guide guests when
required.  He was very respectful of the members (French and Korean-
speaking) of our families by accommodating a few requests, but also 
tactfully stayed focused on the vision we had for our wedding.
The final photographs were delivered in a very timely fashion, and I was so
 pleased with the balance of both posed shots with those capturing the
emotions of the day. The essence of many important moments were skillfully 
captured in well-planned vantage points from multiple angles so that we have
 great shots of me, my groom, and our guests during the same moments of the 
day.  We have one-of-a-kind shots (e.g. runners “chasing” us along Elgin St. with two
 cops), gorgeous ceremony shots utilizing the lighting and classic church 
architecture, and glamorous and intimate reception shots!
I can’t say enough about Darren and our photos – I recommend him to everyone I
know, and I told everyone on “All in a Day” CBC radio and “We Talk Weddings” 
television show about him.  And, I still love looking at them 6 months 
later. My husband says that the money was well spent per hour of viewing
 entertainment that my family, friends and I get from the photos over and
 over again.  Warning to brides: you will lose sleep staying up late looking 
at your gorgeous photos!

Marie Therese & Martin, Billing’s Bridge Estate Wedding

bride hugs groom during ottawa wedding at billings bridge

On the most amazing day of our lives, Darren was the perfect touch.He captured the most beautiful and honest of moments. Our wedding album is much more than we ever imagined and our families and friends were amazed by Darren’s work. He is not only creative but also innovative. He is truly a great photographer and a wonderful person to work with.

Candice & Sven, Restaurant 18 Wedding

bride and groom walk down stone stair in ottawa wedding

After our first meeting with Darren we trusted his style and felt confident in his abilities. We immediately felt that our wedding day would become a unique experience through his documentary style and it certainly became just that. Darren’s professional yet laid back approach to the administrative details and the execution of each photograph allowed us to enjoy our day and yet still know that each moment was being captured seamlessly.

Rachel & Charles, Calabogie Peaks Resort Wedding

Darren went above and beyond our best expectations. He made sure to get to know us first so that he could determine what kind of photos we were looking for, and then he just went for it. He went out of his way to scout locations and shots and he was exactly right in finding the ones that we loved. The candids were amazing and he took shots of details that we hadn’t even noticed ourselves. We felt totally comfortable with him during the formals. He covered every aspect of the day and we couldn’t be more happy with the results. The pictures make the day come alive all over again

Justin & Danielle’s Engagement Photography, Hintonburg, Ottawa

Capturing the kind of people we are was perhaps not the easiest of tasks, but Darren found us, the true us, as we milled about loading bays and the peculiar landscape near our home. Our plan was to go to rural Quebec at dusk for a romp in the trees and streams, but Darren proved his tremendously flexibility when we told him last minute we just wanted hang in our ‘hood for our engagement shots. The results were an unbelievable collection of photographs of us in our natural and strangely beautiful habitat. Darren captured some amazingly intimate moments, many just split second gestures and fleeting interactions, a true testament to the genius behind the lens.